Moon Glare

Under moonlight
each subsequent moment.
Gifted ground succeeding, 
filling files, fighting gravity.
Moonlight hides blemishes, evil sneers, bloody sores.
It not nice to point out hidden flaws, to react.
Misery loves to be infectious.
Immunity dissolved 
into deficit slavery.
Heavy time beaten into swords.
No swords swing so fine as temper-steal.
Hear them sting, sweep, assault.
Of course there are always victims to fault,
obstinate, their whiney wants.
Grind us, tightly — dust
beneath future stars.
Zombies whisper prayers for forgiveness,
grand nativity display.
If we are to die for our nation,
why is it theirs?  If we are to fight for what’s ours,
who names that cause?  What we is served?
What can be allowed to be said
if – thug-like to make a scene — talk signals threat?
Remember:  it was never about you or me.
Justice/thievery – tricks of discourse.
Beggar’s bargain: sold to chores or war?
Fog declares holiday for a rare fit of reason.
Fairness comes into season, ready to take on all sport.
Winds penned in to apply deadly pressure,
sing out loud with historic force.
How do we reach for our best?
How set that goal from here?
Uproarious response – mad sense of

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