A child with a secret
A serious persona
able to pull onward
celestial strings, curious circumstance.
Able to twirl and prance on cue,
to state with a glance,
to unassume.
Jestar, demigod disguised as troubadour
wanders Earth to learn human tricks,
linguistics.   Sources music as communication.
Someday soon, when runes align with stars and signs,
grim portents,
mask dissolves.  Wisdom sings.
Those who listen, respond in apt devotion,
clear resonance,
decrypt sage clues,
engage in sacred quest, accept reward.
Stories harvested over ages,
night to night reveal exaltation.
Filtered gifts of layered sleep.
Receive what is sound to honor.
Longer tales soar and weave.
Keep close touch to melodies that compel
Where do we learn cruelty?
Indignities impressed in our youth,
imposed as we grow.
Where do we learn beauty?
Purity —
full interplay
conscious engagement
directed vocation
Once upon a time in a village of yore,
there had been bequeathed a home
for wayward children
that the streets be clear of filth
when the fine folk made their daily
In the wee hours the wee ones
were expelled to hunt nonhuman
vermin, the occasional mad man.
These became their supper stew
to maintain servile strength.
Children who outgrew set parameters
or acted unruly could too become stew.
Or they could sneak away from the hunt
to wherever their story might be made their own.

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