Yin and

Where do we begin
to demarcate, believe
This hollow consciousness,
this I of grammatic subject,
this barrier of skin
and puzzlement —
what essential singularity may I claim?
What kinship can I count upon;
what rule determines fair allocation?
To do my duty honor,
must I obey or strive to break away?
How am I to know or name my liege,
brothers at arms, those safe to harm or squeeze
(children of lesser fates, damned ingrates)?
When do we begin to call it sin, and separate?
This yearn for wholeness we call lonely,
what if it is only a mistake?
Who underwrote duality, and didn’t warn:
Disclaimer:  just a momentary view.
When your eyes are ready, focus steady,
scan panorama unconstrued.
Unlocked perception eternally accrues,
discerns words and worlds beyond
“I” and “You”.

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