Smoke and Mirrors

The calmness of night
with no one
but me
and the cat and the music.
Sentient spirits
out of reach, out of time
feel me yearn
for soft lap of waves, ozone’s perfume,
secret moonlit hiatus.
Gentle, wafts of breeze
carry tide’s tune, caress calloused cares
to kind abeyance.
Vast mother sea, cradling essence.
Safe paradise to lose, loosen harassed mind.
Some are born to battle,
to die of sadness on rocky,
antagonist terrain.
If I could devise, discover
words and gestures, embodied
answers to join us all
in happy equilibrium,
I would gladly reach out
so far my arms might break.
I would fly above the fray,
call cleverly to
mesmerize, dismantle stagnant walls
that crassly hold nirvana at bay.
Would you dare to question fate,
exercise escape?
Would you swim softly, play among
vast cradling waves, mother’s essence, 
imbibe her nectar of precious contentment?
Would you ride elated,
swept away,
on buoyant swells of blithe concordance?
Or bound to defiance, never
step past exit warning:
“Beyond This Point, No Weapons Allowed”

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