Grand leap within.
Surf and swim adoration.
Glimmers and gleams
guide from afar, destiny as desire.
Gift of dared destination, journey on fire.
Stare deeply, breathe instinctively, aspire
and win.
Outside in the great divide
gossipers gleefully quote
daily delivery’s rote,
swerve in opinions rehearsed,
tomorrow reversed and reviled.
Each arrogant child swears allegiance
to popular wares, label necessity.
Yet they paint target of greed,
parrot-preach evil as creed excessively
against success they file by aggrieved agreement.
Truth resides in authenticity.
No matter how high or hidden, crude or refined.
Questers toward vision explore while whiners whine.
Yes, the wages are unfair; yes, we ought get better care.
No, the issue isn’t whether they make more than their share.
Eyes taught to worship war respond to colors us v. them.
Eyes caught up in wonder reflect focused light like gems. 

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