spokes from fate’s wheel

A hard snow, sleet, hail
is soon to fall
You won’t be ready;
but you need to clear out space
for impending
I dreamed I was awake in a place I had often dreamed of.
I said:  “This is the place of my dreams.”
Then, an icy dead hand grabbed my shoulder,
revealing my fear.
‘I do not fear you.”  I said.  I lied.
“You are only my imagination.”
She cackles, pushing her scaled hand
into my subconscious flesh.
This is not how the dream is meant to be;
not how I remember.
When I wake, as I always do,
I am disappointed.
* * *
Accept our human coil
wrap sweetly as eider
cozy, drowsy, dreamy
into a field of play
Engage in battle strategies
Enrage when others fail to please
all the while that deep wide smile
sees outside the eyes and miles
into a great well of laughter
a sad thing in life is when you meet someone
over an evening, dissolving separation,
finding eternal meaning and validation,
learning to be in love
until reality of the human kind steps in
A to the core belief
in the self — miracle of seed expressed
sweet spot of bliss and exultation
deep reward for daring to feel complete
creates no war, no competition, no other to defeat.
These illusions of aggrandizement belong
to self doubt,
to desperate deifying of right and wrong,
to self-alienation.
grand fantasy set free to wander
obsesses through your mind
Don’t let go — just be who love has made you.

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