The spell breaks.
Dangling chrysalis erupts — abrupt
crash, tangle, excavation.
Shaken, dazed, awareness stirs.
Anxiety prays return to slumber,
swift shrink from compelling adumbration.
This world excretes damp, dinge,
rampant distress; potent phantasms
slip, slide, skip.
Dashing bits, myth and whimsy frisk,
beguile to soften landing,
allow fragile mind to absorb shock and awe.
Bitter wars, forces of survival,
transcendent and bright
rain like liquid fire.
no longer safely cocooned
unconscious, free to twist and turn
poisoned glands, expel taint
through sweaty pores.  Severed, never more
secured on my thick
sure branch
oblivious of storms
not of my creation.
not flying
unrestrained to be amazed by
each blossom,
every sunny ray
seething beatific energy,
graceful flow,
buzzing breeze.
not sure, secure, nor
unleashed and aware.
standing, staring,
without leaping,
at this desperate precipice;
embodiment seeping,
limply falling,
ripped, torn
along each disturbed rock face.

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