Security, blue jeans’ soft structure.
Firm legs, resolve fluctuates.
Icy rain films milieu a dense noir.
Surreal street reverberates etheric horns.
Cold walk.   Glare pavement.
Shadow assumes shape of comfort, companion in
adventure.  Smell of condensation,
scent of danger.
Silent choir echoes.  Out of sync
Remember you told me.  I told me.
Mountains beg to be climbed.
But at peak there’s descent; and
back in town there’s the rent;
and it’s endless, the grime, the grind.
I tried.  Yes, my effort was ungainly,
blind grasp of transient reward.
Too little kind; too much abhorred —
a story my mind explores, re-explores,
to escape tow of current rage.
Soggy, chill, praying for surcease in sleep,
yet hyper vigilant.  No blame.
Any salient focus of will propels forward.

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