dark and gloomy
the darkness offers friendship
hiding in empty alleys for a fix of mystery
doodling pentagrams and yin-yangs
looking into empty rooms and projecting fantasy.
I tell you there’s not much left to say
    and you don’t answer.
Twin pathways converge, but still no answer.
The night is made for dreamers.
The dark explains it all — but in its own language.
The key is not to be found.
Laughter echoes in empty hallways.
Soon it won’t matter; but soon is never now.
I smoke burning poisons and cry for death.
Death will be here soon enough
— now is time for potent dreaming.
dark and gloomy
forecast of an out of pattern afternoon.
Patti Smith echoes coarse dark sentiments
and I feel the blood of conquest 
    rushing through my veins.
Anything could happen.
Testing survival is the only thrill.

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