Right On

Put down with disdain
for proclaiming the gratuitous pain
of folks crushed under power games.
Evil glowers trained from
corrupt social warriors who
exult in what’s destroying us,
lead their loyal to perdition,
disassembled, reconditioned
to hate by their plan.
Forcibly taught not to understand
our own best hope to emend,
not depend on slavers’ dope.
Roped up in wasted fantasies,
divorced from truth and sanity.
Required rallies ’round a flag.
Watch those who fail that tail wag.
Pledge, hand on heart: working people’s
job is to feed voracious markets
while tossed out on the street,
eating tainted meat,
breathing poisoned air.
Shills may shout like they care
to fool the weak, to lead us
into profit wars to bleed, exhort us to
all ways support mammon expanding.
Where are the banding
together, sisters, brothers, who
discover how to trust and honor each other?
Where is the call and answer rail to
remind us Dickensian pauper’s jail
can only bind us
when we allow twisted power to blind
and define us?

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