Raising Hell

Not true sacred magick.
Cynical sleight of hand
turns sweat and aspiration,
even striving desperation,
into neat bundles of greed.
Demon flame burns hot.
Not content to be spent
into fast cars, high-stakes games,
brilliant careers in finance.
Devil’s bargain wants its payment.
Larcenous wizards of arrogant charm
play with chthonic forces
more angry, deadly than they understand.
Unaware of burgeoning peril; cursed energies
they cultivate
desiccate humanity from below.
Unsupervised children
gleeful in their play with matches,
grizzled and gray as some may appear,
snigger and laugh at bright spectacle
as homes blaze.
The balance is always paid.
Magick is never free.
Will the lesson ever penetrate?
Be careful what you conjure.

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