In Fraud We Trust

How discover trust?
All lie, even without meaning
and most certainly
when convenient
to forget any equation beyond
immediate advantage.
“Keep ‘em guessing about reality,
running a loop, too confused to 
think through better strategy.”
And then, with fake aplomb make demands,
as if merely standing on bare claimed world
implies owed compensation
for sustenance and everlasting soul.
Some social contract long ago
signed in perpetuity.
Jungle law tweaked to modern code.
Eat or get eaten; do or die.
Do jungle kin lie slyly
amongst their brethren?
Do they ruinously scar little children,
raise them tame and scared?
Is there no culture of happy home
where trust is valued
enough to build familial lore
that favors open sharing?
Who would travel there
if it meant
forsaking the comfort
of lies?

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