Flashes of acrobatics, mirrors catch
gnarled blue finger phantoms, hold, entwine;
trauma, like treacle pulls down.  Drown in
struggle so futile. Brutal prison
afflicts, never releases.
I fall
Sci-fi horror fantasy more real than brass smiles,
cold acceptance, helpless spin into far star light.
Terrorists every darkening day snarl joker style,
hand off severed legs, frozen eyes, bleeding mouths
and I
will do anything to hide, to blow up anxious bubbles,
circumscribe with sound, raw screech, Broadway baubles,
cautionary tragedies.
Suck drunken demon sweat, guilt and lye.
Never die, just severed scarring unto scores of ages.
Dried, disheveled stitching; buboes explode with rage.
Seeping, seething, grip any ship to escape.
Widening space, quiet contemplation
lit by manic flashes.

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