Dazzling Genie, weaves scenes of wizardry
upon the dusty window of my gaze.
Champion of crazy crippled dreamers, lazily
giving wing o’er wondrous glades. Simple,
serene days; nights of stars, Moonbeams,
ecstatic serenades, mystics’ bliss.
My nightmares exchanged for a kiss of your majesty;
enduring pain relearns its place, energy
refocused by your trail.  Enthralled, at peace,
inspired by your tales of labyrinth space and time.
Honoured, awed by your divine gift, I become
at one
with grace

Capricorn at December’s End

Quiescent  summit of hero’s mountain
soothed by view of waves, of distant heights.
Currents lift to flow, falling
to rise.
wisdom releasing
over transits of Time.
What year has this been?
Wishes obtained, sustained, begun.  Deep inspirations.
Races run, sunsets framed, scintillating proclamations.
Bold, flirtatious masks; goal enhancing tasks;
reflection of cascading plans in sheltered flames.
Relaxing fun, happy laughter, expansive games.
Holding the best to memory; the rest let fade away.
Increments of transitions, long, steep,
often discovered in critical obsessions,stored in
popular modern messages.  Hard to keep
up, in touch, aware of cards in play.
Unable to resist insistent caring.  Still weak, wary.
Yet, need to lean on panic’s crutch a bit less each day.
Taking steps, stands, giving attention.
Over months and moments projects start, fit, flow.
Unknown unknowns less like monstrous black holes.
Mystery, magic, sage co-creators in ecstatic circle.
Familiar woes, stories of want, of work without
reparation, strangely dispel.
When we all begin again
to resolve to evolve, to make a
better trade, more alive, less afraid
ready to dig in and build for blessing.
No prohibition, requirement of mission
denies desire’s essentiality to feed our greatest visions.
What bright star might foretell
future resolution, fears openly quelled,
goals of hope in sight?
Beacons, blessings of a night, cold
yet comforting.  Season of projected light,
of ice and fire.

night blooms

Come, say I!
Enjoy the desert night blooms —
rare, exquisite, alive.
Quiet, the primeval cold,
parched, freeze-dried.
No purposeful future
Old, alien
unmarked steps upon the Earth.
Stories spin …
lost from warmth.
I abide, seer within frigid landscape;
dry, clear, eternal,
to enjoy the blooming.


Legend tells stories
we live
not in here and now.
Held in awe together,
grasping fact from fiction.
Once there lived a talesman,
a minstrel, a bard
intent on spinning chance found threads
into brilliant yarn.
Absorbing salient essence
ingested and exhaled, marking as a trail.
When mystic winds call to far-flung
shores, sailing outward, spreading,
infecting whole populations to evermore
clamor for bits of enamored soul
to capture, to hold for warmth.
Listen, o’ children, o’ brethren.
Ancestors enduring burdened journeys,
tuned weary steps to songs
of battle and adventure.
Our grails, our tasks,
our rhythms can be our own.

Long Nights

That space between eternity and neverwas
— the difference engine
to keep each dreamer’s wheel turning
Swirl multi-colored soft silk touch, face to face.
Splendid entrancement
to night’s promise,
remembering scents and sounds
secreted within.
Awakening alien eyes of wonder.
Falling from dream to dream,
we seem to be alive,
the source of will and power
to decide,
to describe.
Falling into habit, into easy lies.
In times of dream,
hours disappear,
will flies.
All those falls are scales
from what I called my eyes.
Keeping stillness,
forsake frustration,
refrain from the pleasures of remorse.
Listen —
thought by thought.
Blossom on rain fragrance.
Birdwings streak,
creating sky.

Boxing Day

Do not struggle with anger, my trust bled child. 
Give in to the luxury of ire and woe.
Dance to the music of bloodlust, fire, passion.
Avenge the angst of life’s attractions.
Get caught up in the lava flow,
burning to spend and leap without reserve.
Then, in sweet afterglow, in mild day’s reflection,
take in the view of battlelands subdued.
In this faded light, this settling Sun, aftermath of action,
take time and patience, eye of storm, tongue of meditation,
clear mind of wisdom to wish.
This is a time for reflection, for giving to oneself
the gift of true acceptance, of self-stoked light, on fire, on energy
— forget reaching to appease or give, give, give to show your value. Take!

Comfort and Joy

Happy children
snug in our beds.
Visions of mistletoe above dream-filled heads.
Charmed slow motion sled glides hills
green and white.
Great blazing star overrides chill of night.
Smell, virgin snow, spice and roast,
pine laced fire.
Meet make-believe elves to tell
secret desires.
Delegation of peace, these moments
gifted with meaning,
lighthearted believing.
Merry ritual.

Faery Dance on Mistletoe

Awhirl through heavenly ether,
joyous circling of Mother Earth.
Chiaroscuro costume festivity.
Laughter ringed to amuse
holy star of vitality.
Meanwhile, Ma and Pa
nestled under sugarplum charm
take respite from sighs of woe.
Deep treasure of love evokes, to
become re-aware,
dare shining moments.
Swirling radiance,
charged rhythms of orbital cadence,
call enchantment.
Fueled by faery dust
bright carols
guide us
on high exaltation.
Serene ice flakes tumble.
Cold, clear-air euphoria reigns supreme.
Magical season.
Intensely felt reason
to celebrate
of candy-cane smiles,
St. Nicholas drums.
Peaceful presentment,
and what we hope comes.
Coalescence of blessings
like tinsel-glow sprites dancing warmth
into this Winter’s night.

Winter Warmth

On the longest night
How do you celebrate, commemorate
our nature? Living world dependent on
a circled star for light and warmth, for energy
to fuel our fate.
We bring our forests inward.
Ceremonies carry epic myth to shape
Night walks for reflection.
Touches contours of Earth.
Cuddles dervish bevies of stars.
Night desires primal connection.
Eternity compressed, expressive spirits
too subtle to survive Sunlight.
Longer nights, stronger ties to sky lore.
Siren songs run along aspirant spine, instruct
your mind to widen, become open
to awe.
December days go fast.
Light returns slow through
white horizons.  Darkening tones
feel appropriate companions.
Sparkling peace, alone in vastness,
at one with gladness.
Cold, gallant partner, urges closeness.
Calm before pent up congregation.
Ready to pop Hallelujahs, surge
ecstatically.  World wide exultation.
Electronic connection.
Virtual warmth.
Past fantasies’ achievement.
We weave into future beliefs,
reach forward.
Accept and demand:
We are all in this together.

Winter Ingress Ballet

Euphoria dances
an instant choreography of our conversation.
Her familiar rhythmic motion seems to keep
flow of thought musically cohesive.
We play at soliloquies,
interweave of dialog,
tangential themes, dissonance in
effective counterpoint, comic relief.
Euphoria enhances assiduously.
Rarely do we hear her voice, or need it
for eloquence.  These gabfests include all
who are present.  From each according to
individual style.  Tonight, to welcome year’s end,
we assemble to figure out this season of
stress and expectation.
Euphoria falls into slump as if exhausted. 
A mischievous grin peeks from between
tumbled hair.
Her fingers float, mime symbols rising
on bare air.  She crawls into upward pose,
awaits our inspiration.
Jester sarcastically Ho-Ho-Hos.
She bows, lifts his right arm to her
left shoulder, then deftly pirouettes
across the room.