Myths and Treasures

Caught up in cocoon bliss
woven into living branches
all hunger long since allayed.
Skyborn symphonies, fantastic
mind movies, wonders entertain.
Quiet countenance becomes essence.
Forests deeply content
slumber and heal.
Spirits rooted in eternal mystery
wander peacefully among strugglers,
stragglers, intent on survival for this now.
Sometimes the journey
meets seasonal hiatus, encampment to plan.
Strength means character focused
toward benevolent leadership.
Action as metaphor imagined on
long, stalwart branches.
Home  Hearth  Harmony
Instinct grows out of ritual,
ambient litanies,
plots for practice of chances.
Slow movement, avid attention
to subsequent steps
identify, apply, enhance
nurture effects of nature’s
expansive awareness.

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