Titania rises on her heels
claps her hands with glee
to see royal rangers clear the field
for her jamboree.
Her noble guests arrive at last.
Grand table’s set to break their fast.
Lavish feast for this ravenous class
to exalt their victory.
The royal band breaks out in waltz
for revelers’ employ.
Nary a note may ring out false.
We’re all here to enjoy
a raucous tribute to our fleet.
So raise your voices, stamp your feet,
privileged as renowned elite
to treat our vanquished as a toy.
To those who watch beyond closed gates
silly revelers at play
feeding the fire of long held hates
this is a different day.
“Fiddle dee dee” partiers bray with scorn,
mocking the starving and care worn.
But soon they’ll rue the day they’ve borne
as their world turns dank and grey.
As a new star ascends over fields and trails,
sparks audacious fete of change.

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