Quest for Narrative

To touch the river, become its flow,
turn toward swirling sky from here below.
Travel broadens, expands the skein of us.
Doesn’t surely lead to trust nor lessen tension.
Still, to explore, add to what we all know,
the more we learn to question, to quest
instead of merely step by step progress.
Emotive gesture.
Gargoyled gates denote sacred place.
Cherished legends emerge from ritual gaze.
Sanctified flames grow soul in ceremony.
Shared imagination expands, ignites, inspires.
The awareness of love.
Stories of war and retributive enmity.
Resistance is virtuous; obstruction is treachery.
Assumed privilege of trade, another’s vile lechery.
Hate is the solution; hate, blessed addiction
closes decisions, simplifies existence.
Could more broadly auspicious stories be written?
There is nothingness enough in all of negation
Be a thing, many things, any things, your things
Be a source of action
Be the essence of dissatisfaction
Be the smiling taste of flies
upon the tongue of lotus-wise old toad
Be bliss in amazement
of persistent permutation, rise and fall of creation.
Nothing is never ALL

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