Rumors of War

Armed conflict bleeds congested streets.
Escalation of weaponry.
Post-apocalyptic game scenarios
in living gore
for all to feast.
They say this world is ending,
floods and pestilence, but mostly war.
Saddened by madness of petty
jealousies against dissenters who dare
to act, create,
engage, rather than placate the masses
with daft diversions.
Ineffective complaint the common trade.
Disdain, dismemberment the rage.
Rabid temperament of this tentative age.
No respect for hope, change.  Inebriates
of secure stagnation in a fantasized past.
This is what we do.
Chew, swallow, regurgitate
sweet, malignant hate.
Coy heralds for fleet
intimation, intuitive response.
Hawks in battle formation,
storm threat signs in the atmosphere,
pull harried attention
to fear-monger pleas for war.
Armor against armament, against
disarming conversation.
Is it hard to admit different views
might coalesce to a future worth sharing?
More cogent eyes may clearly appraise
fair judgment against destruction.
I say these sentiments, hear their
presentment so overplayed,
boring, trite.  Where is our mighty
orator, resplendent scribe to sell benign
affiliation, compel.
Why would people court Heaven and Hell,
demand segregation instead of what we
could build on
Exploration  Speculation
Entertaining unfamiliar ideas —
broadening expectation.
Mutual respect – what could generate from that.

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