When we intermeet, as
discreet realities contact,
speech, gesture, glance,
do we demean or enhance?
Each self-written contract, in assemblage,
decrees how we agree to impress.
Do we freeze out compete?
Do we extend,
interact as friends less incomplete?
Do we attend with intention,
ever better perfect respect
Who am I to ask?  What do I risk?
Voices in my head speak
in poetry, prose, creative nonfiction
stories of courage, adventures in change.
Tales, whispered spells hypnotize,
wrench veils between epiphany and daze.
Mind hydrates in mists of memory.
Prismatic drifts arouse ethereal imagery.
Gales of peace.
Inhale glacial wind.
through secret private seasons.
Breathe out
sounds that bind in unity.
Spritely companion song twines along
emergent lines of elemental splendor.
From the depth of antiquity,
the breadth of possibility,
the alchemical equation
of air, light, vibration.
Peace, love, joy
permeates all enthralled
voices, and beyond.

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