Faery Dance on Mistletoe

Awhirl through heavenly ether,
joyous circling of Mother Earth.
Chiaroscuro costume festivity.
Laughter ringed to amuse
holy star of vitality.
Meanwhile, Ma and Pa
nestled under sugarplum charm
take respite from sighs of woe.
Deep treasure of love evokes, to
become re-aware,
dare shining moments.
Swirling radiance,
charged rhythms of orbital cadence,
call enchantment.
Fueled by faery dust
bright carols
guide us
on high exaltation.
Serene ice flakes tumble.
Cold, clear-air euphoria reigns supreme.
Magical season.
Intensely felt reason
to celebrate
of candy-cane smiles,
St. Nicholas drums.
Peaceful presentment,
and what we hope comes.
Coalescence of blessings
like tinsel-glow sprites dancing warmth
into this Winter’s night.

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