Long Nights

That space between eternity and neverwas
— the difference engine
to keep each dreamer’s wheel turning
Swirl multi-colored soft silk touch, face to face.
Splendid entrancement
to night’s promise,
remembering scents and sounds
secreted within.
Awakening alien eyes of wonder.
Falling from dream to dream,
we seem to be alive,
the source of will and power
to decide,
to describe.
Falling into habit, into easy lies.
In times of dream,
hours disappear,
will flies.
All those falls are scales
from what I called my eyes.
Keeping stillness,
forsake frustration,
refrain from the pleasures of remorse.
Listen —
thought by thought.
Blossom on rain fragrance.
Birdwings streak,
creating sky.

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