Elder Moon

Craggy Moon highlights mystic bridge.
Merfolk rise, shine to revel
as for centuries.
Adventures behind.  Abjured to back woods, 
terrors we learned to surmount made us wiser.
Ahead, yonder slope’s approach and climb.
What legends left to find will
take us in?
Which imbued who will begin
Sun to Earth,
charged Cardinal points, sturdy worth.
Symbolic enchaining
rock to sea.
Kinetic energy.
Space delineated in relation to time.
Ecstatic Saturn.
Cradling Moon, sublime.
Secreted in esoteric lore,
hero stories,
everyday glories,
exotic songs
evoking prescient memories.
Being, not being, letting it be.
Day upon night swept by twilight.
Vague images coalesce, remain an instant,
slowly disintegrate.
Ghosts in smoky distance reset dimension,
eternal reconfiguration.
Presentment: preening Moon nymph
silently laughing
upon a daring peak.

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