Politics of Hope

Sunshine illuminates pups in chase
with bright hued kite tails.
Rain showers and rainbows
clean, beautify this sparkling day.
No need for dark clouds to
signal fear or consternation.
No need for tears but to
moisten eyes at play.
Happy and healthy, enthused with
buoyant energy.
No excuses for hatred, no
rationale for war.
Puzzle solving plotlines,
merry wit of dialog.
We don’t need painful conflict
to hear appreciative crowd roar.
There’s work enough, chores enough,
thoughtful and physical,
to employ us all in utile fun.
Senses keen, invigorated, self-affirmed,
liberated, enjoying communal synergy,
more pleasure for everyone.
No urge to destroy peace in glorious prosperity.
No incentive to invent
stories hostile, cruel, mean.

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