Toward Aquarius

In the future
We each have our allotted square,
while virtually traveling everywhere
we want to see.
We exercise by video connection,
practicing with happy sweaty company
choreography coded to fit
individual physical needs.
Skin begs for actual human contact.
Sharing hands, hearty hugs,
thrill of caresses colliding in the flesh,
discreet undressing rooms for two
(or as desired).
At hero’s synchronic site
science and spiritual meet,
bow and rise entwined:
wise consciousness.
As kindred tribe:  humanity, gather here.
Place of peace gone planetary when we
decide, heal from insanity’s great divide.
Become those we know we’d rather thrive among.
Seek out connection, demand reflection,
expand perception, reach for elation —
to grow on.  Figure out as we go on how
to proceed.

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