Sea Change

Soar o’er awakened sky, past to now.
Taste surprised by subtle essence of bitter grain.
Sanctified harvest sacrifice.
Private seas pull grand tiding,
sweet, bitter sweet, salty sweet as candied seaweed.
Sunny, Moony, Star-eyed oracle snidely whispers
dense cues, cuneiform runes.
Semesters chasing prowess,
prayers for simple shrouds to hide from chaos,
for straight lines, bountiful ammunition, steadfast ground.
Aggrieved clouds tinted black from canon fire, obscure vespers.
Deceived by faces ever-changing,
just rearranging patterns ill-perceived.
How rise beyond mistakes, examine, question
beliefs, accept, trust 
eternally a now
not sanctioned by our faith?
Sea Change
All the bridges crumbling,
we are falling to the sea.
— Tumultuously ripped & rocked
beyond all sound foundation.
Tossed adrift, lost and lonely
Crying out in fear and pain
To what gods may be, if only
what we’ve lost might be again . . .
And the sea erodes our souls
as the waves have rocked our faith
No more when we could be secure,
firmly anchored to the past.
This is what it is, to undergo a sea change.
This is what it is to dream a new awakening.
This is what it is when what has been forsakes us.
This is what it is
when what’s to be must start to form.

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