Star Stuff

Potential sensitivity.
Fragile. Slippery.
Encased in floppy, opalescent shell.
Aeons accrete, minutely by moment.
Coalesce, increase enfoldment.
More solidly sure dynamic fluidity.
Gestation, vast conductivity
slowly, instinctively
Sensory input explored,
assimilates into expanding core.
Briefly crackling magnetic touch,
unconscious triggering
neural structures,
synaptic interchange.
Madly, groping, grasping.
Letting go.
Process accedes to SOP,
encoded, translated empathically.
Organs, systems
evolve successively.
Self-adjusting blueprint,
rooms malleable to adaptation.
Cosmic dust travels as waveforms,
acquires subtle entanglements.
Exquisite fulfillment
a habit of spontaneous resilience.
Transmuting themes inherently implied
need only whisper,
hum flickers of familiar tunes.

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