Infinite, eternal, these are words,
maps to definitions, not what is.
Creation never ends, never begins again,
not repetition but reflection.
Legends and runes.  Ritual regression.
Significant omens.
Ravens forsake flocks, ranges skewed.
In primordial recesses of a sigh
trembling hearts enact a pact of solitude,
invent machinations of separation,
journey through despair.
Sovereign brains evolve, adapt to dangers;
patterns that evoke anger, fear.
Scanning eyes, ears, nostrils
filter through parameters,
call out Warning!  Warning!
far too often, far too loud.
There is no guide, no authority,
none but me, repeatedly mirrored.
Each step, each succession
in idiosyncratic interpretation.
What will become of all these “I”s
staring through, demanding
retribution, bare, raw justice?
Respectable explanation.
Rigorous notation.
Scores, codes, clocks, keystones.
Laws and theories developed to describe
thin segment of encompassment
accessible to sense and reason.
Early morning of soft savannah
wakens to cloud and mist.
Waft of tranquil distillation
soothing startled breasts —

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