Science and Art

Carry data.
Carry water.
Compact electronic battery.
Colored codings float, emote
assorted cakes and candies,
carve distilled traces
back into hungry neural pool.
When stirring winds blow,
heady confection.
Cultures are like that, schooled through phases.
Gossips and thieves in glass cages
merrily fling barbs of derision.
Amuse to confuse. 
Strafe safe from hard fallout of
real decisions.
Yet at times we amaze us,
disengage from pervasive hype
recall how to be outrageous.
Show me how your garden grows.
Epic plantation of many varieties
from which to pick succulence.
Dulcet yet pungent, curling leaves,
deceptively flirtatious.  Savage roots.
Evolved attainment fed by far-flung rain,
noble fire of shooting stars.
Art is experiment.
Self-constructed frames
play jumble with perspectives,
accent layered suggestions.
Supplications and questions
subtly arranged elicit
Observation and imagination mix,
synthesize the next
theory of everything.

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