logic of rape culture

I pretend to familiarity with your vocabulary.
I pretend we are all linguistically aligned —
agreed upon signs and symbols of common tribe.
I pretend that laws of wild origin proceed.
I pretend that pretense is what I need,
tricks to treat and keep my mind a docile child.
I pretend that nobody can see, exploit my explorations
into hyperbole
rather than contend with truth of mutual alienation.
logic of rape culture
I don’t know. 
Would it be morally acceptable to destroy a person’s mind
while they sleep, because they’ll never know they had one? 
Would it be morally just fine to cruelly use people’s lives
while keeping their consciousness confined,
without consent or prior knowledge,
because unexplained pain won’t rise to legal proof? 
Is there value placed on genuine integrity?
Must boundaries that delineate individuality, 
complete with self-control,
define a zone of self to be respected?
Do we each own a right to privacy,
a promise of intimate identity integrity,
sacred space for self-discovery:
“This is mine.  This is me.”
Pet, slave, property of any sponsor who lays
persuasive claim.
Law enforced as if a game of demarcation
rules.  What fool would risk stability,
shame, neighbor’s hostility,
to resist?  Stripped of private self-determination,
could such fools exist?
Natural rights, relationships abide outside will of man
or humanity – unsanctioned, uninsured, uncivilized.
When groups choose to ally for common utility,
what inner prize is crucial to defend?
Or is it easier to pretend?  Just a random bunch
of beasts subject to accepted dictums, 
that maintain benefits of self-proclaimed
reasonable men?

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