G.J.’s Lament

Quantum leaps
of conversation.
And you know that I know that
What a show!
Full-feather display in livid color.
“Hey, man, another beer, and for my lady . . .”
“Bug off, Creep!  I ain’t chore lady.”
Oh, ain’t I grand.  Hey, bud, I’m grand.
Really I am.  Let me tell you one about me and the:
1) local pigs
2) welfare pigs
3) high falutin’ professor pigs
4) landlord, loan-adjuster, tax collector, ex-wife’s lover.
So when I go home alone at closing
having blown my whole week’s slave dues
maybe I can stave off the blues
with the tales I’ve laid on you
of my grand illusions.
“Hey, man, another beer, and let me tell you
’bout my baby who left me last year . . .”
Oh, yeah.

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