soul juice

Squeeze my soul.
Juicy rivelets sweep
into  gape of avid mouths
long before song is ready for revelation.
Desiccated to exhort.
Empty waterless tears
lack capacity to convey dread, importune.
I am all but gone.
Bit by precious emission,
slick spirals of contextual drool.
The words, intonations, weirding ways
slip out to swim this stream,
asphyxiate, stagnate.
I am dying to tell you.
Secreting vital fluid
exudes as strong emotion.
Flood soaked phrases
leak sodden wails.
Blood trails, rust-red, deep,
hold closely to this eroded beach,
yet can’t stop from sinking.
Drink me!
Let me taste my essence
drip through your succulent throat.

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