Moving Pictures

Ensconced in clouds.
Successful escape flight
above tawdry crowds.
Mournful regret,
lost precious pearls left behind,
stomped on, destroyed by swine
so intent on fashioning faux silk
from dingy ears
they hear nothing.
How allow peace
to release frozen tears
out from ocean eyes?
While away charmed days afloat
through beguilement.
Fascinated by migrating found art
descried in sky detritus:
elephant on an isthmus, trunk extended
to kiss the snout of a whale as she
rebounds from the sea.
Cheer pervades as noble, cozy cloud caresses,
catches wisps of trailing songs,
genially whistles along with haunts on
ambient breeze.
Waving birds, wandering trees,
landscape gently passes.
Forgotten tears, abandoned pearls,
crippling fears,
details of Earthly advance,
obscured by cinematic exhilaration.

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