Getting wasted in the schoolyard.
Getting spat on: “no good! no good!”
Doesn’t matter where I’ve come from.
Where I’m going’s understood.
Sweet lover, save me.
Sweet saviour, enslave me.
Sweet flavor dreaming, dreaming
Drifting by a thousand years,
puppy games and puppy tears.
Wishing on a star so huge, so bright
its light sears my bloodshot eyes.
Encrusted sunken lids refuse to rise.
I fall forth, untrained limbs a’flay.
Not a pretty story.
No soothing outlaw escapade.
I reach for a you to comfort me,
a you in which I hope to see,
a ticket to eternity fulfilled.
Thrust through chaotic siege, I understand.
No perfect love, no outstretched hand
offers, holds, a perfect key.

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