Vast cosmos surrounds, a deeply soundless eternity.
Gentle caress, self-possessed drifting serene.
All possible meaning encompassed in this simple scene.
Meditation:  Unpack depths of unnecessary misery, insanity.
Bitter ache, ironic blister of survival through
progressive debilitation to inexorable cessation.
Walking while wounded.  Powerless spin down
agony’s spirals,
yet still trapped to mundane gas bills, taxes, fees,
Despite ravage of disease, soul crush never eases.
Relentless labor to afford
ridiculous continuance; trussed to chores
despite vital dwindling.
Yes, we all endure life sentence on death row;
but grave immediacy portrays fatal plight
harder, faster.
How cancel callous expectations based on situations
soon to evaporate?
Injuries in wars of specious instigation, smears against
carriers of fearful illness once cures proliferate.
Other as enemy, gays and witches stoned and burned,
mentally infirm subjected to barbaric “treatments,”
all those twisted secrets
better spilled than fed into political theater
played as violence.
Digressive meander among history’s trails. Drawn to details.
Teachings of female Christian mystics.
Highly gifted women saved from silent penitence
expected of everyday wives, cloistered from early ages,
encouraged to offer minds, souls, mortal bodies to Christ.
Written preserves show grappling philosophers, seekers
of reasons for suffering from evils found around
and within.
Christ is love, a precept.  God is good and merciful.
Must we bleed to cleave closer to our blessed Son?
Suffering (Piscean empathy) not healing. 
Sacred wounds rent open to accept
caustic water hauled from holy well.
Horrific trials scar, imprint spiritual degrees in compassion,
license to lift our sins from the shoulders of Christ.
Collective pain blends into ecstasy as pious ascend to
There are alternate routes.  Suffering remits to
healing.  Transcendence, shifts of perception, alchemical
catalysis.  If I can intercept, ingress to desolation, find
succor within affliction’s domain, learn its speech, divine
the point of being in this place,
become comradely spirit with such essence,
wring out joy of tortured beauty, fashion wide avenues to extend
access to bliss, rectify this mortal world. Translate pervasive extremity
expressed as traumas, dramas, debilitation.
Perhaps Christ died to transform sin, transubstantiates to lead Earthly kin
toward His kingdom of paradise.  Perhaps mystical ceremony elates
through and beyond separation onto more conscious planes where awe
transports perception beyond hurtful sensation.  Euphoric celebration,
mutual support to glide, realize movement as pleasure.  Release to find
a kinder awareness.
Or maybe we should just shut up, listen to today’s soul therapists as
sanctioned by the AMA, take our Prozac or equivalent to distance our
relationship, abandon suffering.

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