Voices echo from sad shadows.
I never know how to answer.
Vapid leering faces
cheer, jeer, beg for spectacle.
I dare not show fear.
Held firm by my lacerated arms,
chest tightly composed.
Stifled tears drip through,
stain like blood. 
A lonely infant cries in the night,
learning to be human.
Let go.
Drift within caress of beauty.
Delete stress.  Feel flesh breathe,
bone heal.
I allow, attend
to effervescent imagery.
Shimmery waves of
sound, light, smell, texture
surround, define essence.
I allow
in clarity, in surrender.
Bursting through
stalled stale chrysalis,
arrival on spheres
All answers released through
exuberant beating
of new fledged wings.

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