Epic Rendition

No harder than
day to day futility,
watching burning death,
build up of
wanton fury.
Ablaze wide and high —
uncertain edges, excessive
Neverland’s adventurous
play ever more crazed, savage.
Treasure map plots out a way
from here to there.
Daring plan around
the fiercest dragon,
most evil King.
No leverage to stop Pan from sinking
when rowdy crowds laugh derisively,
cheer for fear.  No end
to entitled complaint
that grants no faith
for potent wizardry.
The hard part is knowing alone.
Cursed with responsibility
of imminent calamity,
hearing hosannas,
hallelujahs of inevitability.
Wretched wrench into wherever
explosion expends.
Intent on bold leap, why not act wisely?
Hold as given sight’s highest possibility
to re-write the real.

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