Passion resurrects in Spring,
uplifted from weathered ground,
returns to sensuality.
Fire’s essentiality
well-told, well-come, well-found.
Risen out from sacred water
into prophetic air.
Sing!  (o’brilliant sparkling fling)
startled Moon, Faery Queen or fabled harlot.
Atmosphere stirs perfumed night blooms,
expelling myths of what we cannot bear,
not redesign.
Warm electric thrall in grin of shadow.
Spells of renewal, of power to reflect
upon faltering, to perceive seed now grown
yet re-blends still and ever.  Able,
willing, co-creative play, dark within
Invoking destiny of dissolving age,
of midnight’s hopeful awakening,
hint of flame tints horizon before true dawn.
Taste piquant peace each breath inhale,
each incarnation.
Draw strength to impeccably recharge.

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