Eternal Choral

Time, born as tool of man,
counter for continuity,
to measure change.
Beauty is the calling song, invoking,
inviting co-creation.
Falling upward,
And yet claw of fear
acts as gravity,
pulls from turgid pit
corrosive juices.
An emptiness,
raw, inflamed.
beyond fallacies or stars.
Valiant mauve trumpeter of Sun,
rising songs from sleepy forest balconies.
Fresh scent after cosmic rain.
Bliss, transcendent melody.
Bel canto to candidly
glide past duality,
bypass mundane.
Enter all
into spell
bound fascination.
hesitation with
fierce sure sight.
Cast no pall.
Resounding bells
negate ratiocination
urging violent retaliation.
Be ground of light.
Seize the fight.
Ignite rainbows of excitation.
Intemperate strings extol vibration.

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