I am hereby designating
this specialized tribal syndrome:
Solipsist Manic-Depressive Artists – yay!
based on my excessive nature, and as tribute
to we reckless few who irregularly
ride high on the wings of a wild muse,
out beyond ecstasy’s gate;
jump, skip, gyrate to personal
intricately sculptured tunes,
intensely awake enraptured.
Maenad revelry; fiery energy burns
to extreme degrees, brilliantly free.
Enthralled marvel in bliss of ultimate marvelousness,
electric dervish chasm-leap inspiration
with never a doubt until
sudden bruising force fall.
Pride shreds on sharp iron of godawful distain. 
Banal, ear-perforating purple refrain —
anger reddened blues.  Furtive,
silent sprite denunciation,
self-flagellation, total ineffable exhaustion.
Exhilaration – demonic elixir overwhelms.
Vast expansive vision. Omnipotent.
How could such heroes ever expect to fit all that
into bureaucratically coded demographics?

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