Economies of Scale

Consciousness skewed out of the bounds of reality.
Enmeshed in self-inflicted insanity.
We’re all crazy, idiosyncratically.
Pretending at rational being.
Mass illusion for safety’s sake.
Shackling on identity — shield and sword to brandish.
Voodoo economy.
Shake em down; shake and shimmy.
Half a clue, half a gimme.
Never take your eyes beyond the screen.
Talking heads twist, inflame, spend meanest
obscenities. Radioactive pennies exchanged
wasting your brain, hardening
arteries; heart beat translates as “loss/gain/loss/gain”
like a charm, like lucky incantations.
Drowsing and drumming, espousing this humming
mosquito refrain
as they suck the taste of power
from any domain
outside those they own.
Noise pollution obscures
naked screams of planet and man.
Earth denied.
People expire before their good time,
never get to satisfaction.
Species die, their auspicious music silence
forever more.
Absurd theories of wealth
belie obligation or simple acknowledgment
to laws of consequence.
Scream Earth!
Pierce grandiose cosmos with your
terrible cry.
Acid rain burning through gold
who can afford to feel alive.
Make Peace The Issue

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