Children’s Children

These cute little children grow
under intimate influences elders don’t
even notice,
surrounded by you
and those you bring into their milieu.
We mature into who we innately are,
but with twists and colorations,
turned to advantage
or waste,
turned insecure, unsure, lacking substance.
Children get no respect.
Wailed over as dire excuse for any
morals based laws, or to raise chorus of
abhorrence towards poor parenthood.
Social expectation assigns shoulds, responsibility.
Youth doesn’t count as truly living.
Before legally grown, relegated to rehearsal stage.
Cuddled and cuffed, toughened up, thrown into the
going game.
Every day, every night, every moment is us unfolding.
So many seasons lost, taught in scolding we are worthless
until, when?
Not catering or coddling; not saddling
to carry loads no one could reasonably uphold.
Not hitching an easy ride to stake claim on best situated
nests upon which to set and breed.
Healthy development depends
on incessantly evolving self re-creation.
When the student is ready, all appears as teacher.
When belief is fixed, every sign is confirmation.
Tribal myths define constellations. 
No way to know what is known won’t be redacted,
retold, re-imagined.
Stars are far distant conflagrations,
not knowing heroes guiding us home.
Hopeless tragedy, contrite soliloquy,
wondrous revelry – and then?
Back to wandering again.
Self-knowledge as the bright path
to ecstasy
all well and good.
In this hard-edged world,
what is the purpose of ecstasy,
or knowledge that can’t be sold?
Just, you know, equality of gaze,
one-to-one reflection.
Any ally who appears,
accept welcome.  Give and take heed
of serious
learned profound
connection, empathic to each other’s sphere —
Don’t those sages preach that’s why we’re here?
Are children listening?
Make Peace The Issue

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