Excellent Adventure

Freedom isn’t free.
Neither need it be paid for by war.
Freedom demands integrity,
acting from heroic core.
Far from a chore,
sovereign state where we’re meant to be.
Musical march of human history
heads toward individual liberty.
Taking our streets in
big bold singing, prancing, belly laughing
Sweet and savory vendors; buskers galore
delight in rhyme, make sport in mime,
reify dedication to mutual admiration .
Deliciously at leisure to cavort with silly stories.
Future uncharted wander toward engaging thrills,
willful whimsy, florid trails, wizard’s skills.
Now, this present —
Earthly plane slowly gyrates,
grooves to gravity’s impish symphony.
Elemental sprites blithely skip
dervish lines artist drawn to amaze.
Intertwining sensation,
uncontrolled ideation,
darling parade.
Expansive pride amplifies call to
pervasive perspective.
Self-designed doors of acceptance
glow effervescent.
All matter resolves into ecstatic play.
Make Peace The Issue

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