420 fledglings escape pie and fly

Sun greets Earth
a hearty slap
hot and sassy
Wildflowers stain floating air,
exquisite arousal.
Lithe lizards bare to radiant heat.
Warm, smooth stone,
home to softly green moss, invites ease.
Busy buzzing beings, gossamer wings
exult, hum in fair breeze.
Minds extend, reach, touch, grasp every moment.
puissant nectar,
sweet sustenance.
Abundant sensation.
Communal flame, convivial mentation;
nascent scent giggles revelations.
Kite tail of brilliant rainbow
diffuses wavelengths,
gifts rosy hue to twilight.
Silent night, glorious night.
Delectable thrill of  intrepid flight.
Surreal soaring heightened insight.
Self-exorcism may be a right;
so is a paradigm shift, an excitement of
quantum array,
a quick turn through reality’s rift
into a fountain of play.
Happy day, vivacious day.
Why let rivalry get in our way?
Change decorations – more saucy, more gay!
Aeronauts weave beyond yay or nay,
reveling in destiny’s space/time/what may
Make Peace The Issue

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