remind me when I flail

Relinquish distorted burdens, proddings,
guilts detached from sticky past mistakes.
As much as change is, permanence exists
as measured landscape.
Stories still stir seas of wonder.
Hopes, wishes, aspirations, familiar allies,
focus intention, clarify sight within.
On reflection,
certainties of youth
acquire a different truth.
Repeated re-direction builds inclusionary view.
Revealed motives enhance introspection.
Quest for answers outside those expected.
Offbeat cues elicit new reactions,
mix into prismatic moods.
There are infinite paths to imagine.
So many worlds – divergent lines.
A kiss may awaken a queen
or inspire a crone to poetry
or be decried as defilement of that most
pernicious kind.
Where we arrive, what bliss we find
beyond reach of simple limb extension
is not about up and down retention
or spiral twines.
We breathe in expansive comprehension,
intrigue our fondest muse,
design a widened sky to fly —
ever more beauty to infuse.
Make Peace The Issue

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