Poems in me pockets

Pocket poems.
Travel homes for small, trilling companions.
Vibrant litanies of headlights, road signs,
random highways, local radio bands. 
Adrenalin careens drunken mountain spree
on slick, serpentine terrain. 
Joyride, miles unbroken hoping for
epiphany, peek of rainbow soliloquy.
Stopped as fear throbs to cruiser blare and glare.
Tucked deep in worn coat pockets,
memorabilia to shock consciousness.
Emotive displays of broken innocence,
once strong, lost to romance of heroic cause.
Ready for impending wars when molten rage
explodes, dislodges solid rock.
Pockets shelter spells evoking luscious chocolates,
restorative grins and hugs, earth toned
wool knit scarf, mittens, socks,
embroidered silk handkerchief still redolent of lilac.
Make Peace The Issue

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