Little snips of scenes
more poetry than prose.
This is me just being,
in repose.
Wraith demurely floats
sets smile through my eyes,
mischievously tickles my freckled nose.
Captive in swirl of rhapsody,
scatting on nervous breeze.
Ripples carry empathic energies.
Yearnings squeeze from within weathered skin.
This is the “I” who emits electric sensation,
visits worlds between to assimilate them,
preserve in rhymes and reasons mine alone.
Welcome enchanted village graciously admits
this wilder stranger.
I spin tales by the roadside for change.
Ever waiting for my chance to
rewrite reality.
Once upon a muse, I slipped past normality,
beyond mania’s illusive gate,
fell dangerously on numbing ice.
Lost child of distorted night.
Unseasonably chilled, I bare all,
flail into fevered soliloquy, dare fate
to orchestrate a more fortuitous fall
push me to find my self’s true home.
Eternities glow, pirouette, trip fantastic shores.
Epic journeys cycle into each successive now.
Sorcery speaks, entangles air and Earth,
to perceive enlarging stars and hearts emerge.
Wanderer’s song, waft and waver,
rise to loft, fall to softened tone.
Encode the call we each require,
hear, become entranced with
through fear, romance, death,
inspire enhancement to repair, to own
the tune we play.
Expansive jam, grand celebration,
maiden to soldier to crone.
Elaborate symphony, notated epiphany
of how we’ve grown.
It’s not about how long
It’s not about now and gone
It’s not about make it last
It’s not about relive the past
It’s not about memory
It’s about the melody
The Song, the Poem, the painted wall
With Art, we intimate the All
Make Peace The Issue

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