You Set the Scene

Noise, aching cacophony.  Plead of ringing ears.
Can’t hear for discordant clamor.
Harsh voices, demented violence, cracking mirrors.
Lusty grabbing at what passes for dearness.
Jagged touch — jagged forbearance.
Got strife, suffering fools,
random ridiculous rules?
Shout a counterpoint to profit’s dangling melody:
“Bring ample balm; anoint to entrain a sing along.”
Safely packed into treasured space of silence
remain joyful harmonies, fragrant glades,
beyond confusion or complaint.
Visionary steering allows weary refugees
approach to wisdom’s self-recreation.
Howling wind blows kind, accrued sensation.
Don’t like bleeding colors? Compose a verdant scene.
Step out of background painting, past edge
of silver screen.
Skipping through lucid gallery,
animated, amused.
Hooded goddess tantalizes, whispers of
prizes well-laid,
her wayward journeys.
Salient shadows, ghostly sighs.  Branches bow,
brush restless sky, yearn.
One step at a time.
Wherever that might find you.
That slime and crap’s behind you.
As duration wiles beyond, learn to respond
then to desire,
then to recognize environs
that fit well enough to settle in, reside.
Make Peace The Issue

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