Derisive Action

Chorus of woe.
Not ours to do.
Pesky tasks for vague thems
to assume.
Most human of vainglorious attributes.
In gathered room of prayer, con-solace,
commoners sing of pestilence.
So pleasant a dingy air.
Cronies, kin, at one in entrained disdain.
Don’t come crying to us when your fancy plans
to have us all be haves and happy can’t become
a cause that leaps with us all as brilliant flame.
We can’t be responsible, aren’t the abling crew.
As ours are trained, we do: roll eyes and complain.

Nothing But Sad Blues

Thought I’d do well by doing good
Entertain in my neighborhood
Did some tricks, told some jokes
Sang my heart out to those hometown folks
But after the show when I tracked down the man
Seems paying my share wasn’t part of his plan
It was then I knew that I’d been had
It ain’t funny
got no money
It ain’t nothing but sad
You who sold your soul and
spent the money
not so cunning
not so funny
And I wonder why I bother
I wonder why I try
when it’s so hard to make a living
hurting like I wanna die
Just another sad life
Ain’t no way to matter cause I ain’t got a dime
Can’t hire a lawyer to tell my side of the crime
Got no contract to stake my claim
Got no position of power or name
Ain’t no good to even get mad
Just another sad lie,
such a sad life
Can we open up and keep it real
touch to feel
silk to steel
It ain’t funny
got no money
It ain’t nothing but sad
At least, I thought, I done some good
Giving some joy to the neighborhood
But folks just grumbled ’bout their day
‘Bout their no account boss and mighty slim pay
Yeah, what do we get for feeling so bad
People going through their daily paces
leaving traces
crying faces
People talking ’bout their daily trouble
seems to double
dreams to rubble
And I wonder why I bother
I wonder why I try
when it seems we’re only living
cause we’re too in debt to die
It ain’t funny
got no money
nothing but sad

Shared Summer Leaves (for Peggy)

Shared Summer Leaves
(for Peggy)
Plot keeps us moving
conflicts, obstacles
from concept to theme.
Show of our qualities,
characteristic strategies
how people change
dramatically, comedically,
through relationship or revelation
or how we resolutely refuse
to change despite ardent
Sitting in your kitchen
drinking wine and sharing plotlines
leading to the lives we share
here in safe eternity
I feel your joys, moments of doubt,
your poignant tragedies and resilient reclamations
Your brilliant smile, contagious laugh,
ebullient embrace carry me beyond
enduring sorrows.
A fallen sparrow nurtured,
a flower coaxed to glory,
a simple girlhood story spanning wars,
historic empathies.  Cuttings
cultured from days before language
continue chains
of synchronicity, plotlines leading me
to find
our brief exchange
Strands of interactive dna
move us forward into more complete

A Different Voice

“Mommy, don’t make me!
Don’t keep me and hate me.
Your poisoned womb
tears my soul.
Please let me go.”
“Child, it will be alright.
I’ll give you to outraged strangers
who have prayed for your life.”
“No, Mommy.  Don’t you see?
I am your destiny.
Release me from mortal penitence.  Do what you must.
In this tiny voice, put your trust.
Grieving, set my spirit free.
You know this is meant to be.
We both know how much you care.
This choice is your cross to bear.”

Since 1776

The right amount of government —
just enough to protect our freedom
project without destroying it.
Just government
affirms and honors everyone
without denying anybody’s choice
to voice dissent.
But who decides what that line is,
each with our own dispositions?
It may be up to fate expressed as
social evolution.
Not a satisfactory solution
for we who cannot wait.
Unforced tragedies; hoped for remedies
destroyed, lives at  forfeit now
to silly designations of traits
deemed acceptable
to the respectable
who rule the day.
While  self integrity is so disrespected,
devalued, expect those
learning their behaviors from
the crowd
to coldly laugh and kill.
If such is the will of the people …
ignoble death is what we freely choose.
Those who would desist
charged not worthy to exist.
Instead of discourse, reason,
hyped Reality TV fights
define, distribute  wrongs and rights.