Since 1776

The right amount of government —
just enough to protect our freedom
project without destroying it.
Just government
affirms and honors everyone
without denying anybody’s choice
to voice dissent.
But who decides what that line is,
each with our own dispositions?
It may be up to fate expressed as
social evolution.
Not a satisfactory solution
for we who cannot wait.
Unforced tragedies; hoped for remedies
destroyed, lives at  forfeit now
to silly designations of traits
deemed acceptable
to the respectable
who rule the day.
While  self integrity is so disrespected,
devalued, expect those
learning their behaviors from
the crowd
to coldly laugh and kill.
If such is the will of the people …
ignoble death is what we freely choose.
Those who would desist
charged not worthy to exist.
Instead of discourse, reason,
hyped Reality TV fights
define, distribute  wrongs and rights.

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