(for mem)
Who knows what Future may bring,
or if there be future at all?
Who among us is worthy, stands at vast elevation
to see and judge?
Prognosticators observe stochastic
patterns that so often fail
dear hopes, and dark negative hopes
for terrors we fear we deserve.
Certain belief in self-talk divinity as
sarcastic jester, sadistic confessor.
Our power of judgment, of discrimination
to know Truth or Consequence as if from above, beyond
fallacies of everyday immersion, withered and blind.
We salve our sins with brand iron
blisters to ever remember lest one
true moment’s peace 
would wrench our conscience, dispel delusion.
So much easier to begin and end within
gods’ great constraint.
Free will or fate?
Not the relevant question.
If we love, rejoice, embark upon trails sought for peace,
balance, not evaluation but embrace of this eponymous
best friend, extend that blissful grace, what need have we
to question worthiness?
Make Peace The Issue